Phoenix Air Special Ltd.
armors cars, 4x4 vehicles, Vans etc.

VAZ 21213 'Lada Niva'
  It is typical for the armoured by us vehicles that the client decides what basis vehicle, ballistic protection level and particular technical implementation are necessary in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and safety during exploitation.    
VAZ 2131 'Lada Niva'
  Our technical possibilities can satisfy the client requirements of different ballistic protection levels based on the appropriate choice of basis vehicle and used armours.    
  The car armouring is realized by mounting transparent (bulletproof glasses) and non-transparent armour.
Phoenix Air Special Ltd. uses bulletproof multilayer glasses produced by 'Hard Glass', Italy. They are composed of one or more layers of polycarbonate assembled in single unit with numerous panels of glass through the use of special urethane films. The glasses ensure high ballistic protection and breaking resistance, low weight and eliminate splinter effect.
Jeep Cherokee
  Depending on requirements, the used non-transparent armours are:
   Aluminum alloy
   Kevlar composite
   Steel armours
   Hard ceramic armours
  If the armoured vehicle should satisfy the exploitation requirements in the utmost degree, an additional equipment can be mounted such as:
Gun ports
Air-conditioning system and additional ventilation
Loud-speaking system and sirens
Fire resistant cash-box
  All used materials and elements ensuring ballistic protection are accompanied with documents and stamps guaranteeing their origin and quality.