Phoenix Air Special Ltd. equips pay rooms and safety vaults in accordance to the ORDINANCE on the organization and control relating to security of banks and nonblank financial institutions (№ I -171/ 2.07.2001) and the ORDINANCE on the physical protection systems of buildings in conformity with project requirements (№ 7/1998) of the Bulgarian National Bank and the Ministry of Interior.

Work Place
Deal Drawer
Deal Tray
Safety Vault
Depository Safe
Cash Box
работно место   паричник паричник трезорен сейф сейфова касета сейфова касета
The used materials and technologies guarantee high security levels and reliable exploitation of the equipment. We construct bulletproof screens, deal drawers, deal trays, teller window units etc. Phoenix Air Special Ltd. offers single unit depository safes and conforms the clients' requirements to the number, size and type of the locking systems.

  All used materials and elements ensuring ballistic protection are accompanied with documents and stamps guaranteeing their origin and quality.